Let me just start off by saying I love, love Kim!  This was my experience with Reiki and I’m so glad that I tried it.  Before we began the session Kim and I chatted about why I was there and what I was hoping to get out of the session.  Kim listened with an open mind and heart and tailored the session just for me and my needs.  After my session I literally felt as though the universe had given me a hug, and I felt so relaxed, and like my mind, body and spirit were all working together.  I also loved Kim’s Reiki room, I could feel the positive energy, right as I entered the area, and I knew the good vibes would rub off on me. Definitely try Reiki, and definitely try it with Kim.   ~Leslie T

I had never had Reiki performed on me so I was a little skeptical of the results. I met with Kim and from the beginning she was both professional and calming. Her attitude and demeanor immediately put me at ease and in a state of peace. Kim is knowledgeable in the art and science of Reiki, and she cares for those she works with. At the time I met with Kim, I was going through many changes in my life and felt a lot of stress. I wanted to get my energies in balance, and in just one session with Kim I felt a tremendous sense of calm and powerful re-direction of my energies towards a positive shift. As I relaxed and Kim worked through my body, I could visualize different colors and auras coming into my consciousness, which is a sensation that I’d never experienced before. By the time Kim’s session was done, I felt transformed – I was simultaneously both at peace and yet also energized. Most importantly, I felt that some of the stresses I had built up in my body were unblocked and removed from my body. Mentally, I felt that a shift had occurred that left me ready to take on the new challenges in my life.   ~Will Zolna

Kim’s energy is prevalent. She has performed several Reiki treatments on me throughout the year and I have felt more in tune with my energy and myself every time. Kim has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable, allowing you to open up energetically. Whether I laughed with joy or cried with relief after a treatment I always felt aligned and refreshed. Thank you Kim for your compassion, guidance and healing.   ~Stephanie Wyatt

This was my first experience, back in late February 2012, with Reiki Healing and man was it an experience. I walked in knowing close to nothing on Reiki. Lucky for me, Kim was so open to answering any questions I had, which made me feel so comfortable. Since then I’ve have been to Kim’s a few times for Reiki and oracle card readings. And I can say from my experiences it’s helped me so much both physically and spiritually. It’s one of the tools of my awaking.   ~Sheyla Valdivia


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