10 Basic Things a for Healer to Remember

10 Basic Things a for Healer to Remember

 | October 9, 2009

by Alison Kain

1. A healer should never forget that they are a vessel/channel and nothing else; the healer does not determine the outcome of a healing, the client and Spirit do. If a body is not willing to accept the healing, no healing shall occur. If a body does heal, then you can sincerely reassure the person receiving the treatment that it is their own desire to heal in conjunction with Spirit’s energy and the cellular reactivation of their “internal healer” which has been initiated which does the main portion of the healing process. ***This keeps you (the healer) at once both humble and grateful in the face of what transpires, while also providing you with the freedom and honor to witness miracles at work, whether that be the miracle of the body or any other context you wish to ascribe by your own definition of “miracle”.

2. All people and all bodies are different therefore what technique or position works best on one may not be the most effective for another.

3. Energy, arguably, while having a “mind of its own” does not always most efficiently redirect itself to the root or core of an issue. Energy will merely go where the body is most needful, therefore the practitioner should have knowledge and an intuitive understanding of how to redirect energy and why. If you do not get to the root or cause of an illness with energetic sessions this may be because you are not being shown the whole picture and thus may require several sessions in order to wholly address the client’s complaint.

4. You are being allowed a sacred position by a person who agrees to let you be the channel for their energy work; this means that everything which transpires in each session with each individual should receive the utmost respect and privacy is honored as if the client were opting for a western medical treatment.

5. Every single body possesses a wisdom which therefore can tell you a tale if you know how to “listen”; ask questions when appropriate and work to develop both your knowledge and your intuition to build your skills as a “channel” for the energy which passes through you. An open mind can be as imperative as an open heart to strengthen your channel for healing energies.

6. Some people are more naturally sensitive to energy than others. This is not a determining factor on whether the client will receive healing or not. Some will report a great success in terms of relief of symptoms or a lessening of their issues after a span of time has passed.

7. Many people have allergies and sensitivities. Please be thoughtful and inquire as to whether any specific scents tend to create an issue for someone. (e.g. Often individuals receiving chemotherapy become very easily nauseated by scent so unscented products are usually your best bet for the first session until the recipient can assure you they are not experiencing any atypical sensitivity to any odors.)

8. Judge not any who have emotional releases while receiving a treatment. Receiving intense energetic sessions may trigger deep unforeseen and unanticipated releases which are imperative to the rebalancing process. Please be kind enough to allay any concern or embarrassment which a client experiences by helping them to understand what is happening to them and why.

9. Proper intake procedures are as important in an energy session as they are in any other healing practice; if someone reports an issue to you, you can be sure you are meant to heed it. (e.g. Some souls cannot endure touch either because of physical pain or because they are uncomfortable with touch of strangers. Please honor this even while you open yourself to intuit ways in which to help the client to overcome this potential challenge.)

10. “After Care” is as important as the treatment. Clearly defined “rules” are best provided to the client prior to a session already on paper so that they can refer back to the sheet in case of question. If some may experience a toxin release but you have not explained it thoroughly, or completed the follow-up too soon following a treatment where the person may not be fully mentally “present” yet (back in their body wholly), then you may accidentally create needless worry, upset, fear and confusion for them should they experience toxin releases. Please create a document which clearly outlines the after care instructions to help ease your client’s mind and processing as well as helping to avoid any possible issues which generate the need of the participant to follow-up with you via phone calls or to make unwarranted accusations against you later. (e.g. Upon completion of some energetic sessions a client may experience a brief bout of diarrhea which is simply a blocked chakras way of removing the toxic build up if dealing with either the sacral or the solar plexus blockages. An explanation well-made in advance can allay worries that this person is suffering unduly since this period generally lasts only 24 hours or less, though there are exceptions to this rule.)

Lastly, though not a “rule” per se, it is important to recognize that no one modality of practice (regardless of how wildly successful) is the “one answer” to healing. We are not a “one size fits all” society and therefore cannot deign to make holistic and complementary medicine the same. If a client has cancer you may work with them, but complementary medicine by title itself represents the core element of being an augment to an existing practice which is usually western in nature. Despite whatever beliefs you may hold, you are not the one who is doing the actual healing, the client is. You, therefore, have no right to dismiss, disparage or work to change another’s beliefs or regimens as they pertain to additional methods of treatments; this is a highly irresponsible and ill-afforded practice which actually narrows the potential successful treatment and/or cure for a client. An energy healer cannot say for certain that what modality being opted to practice by them is “the” answer to all issues and illnesses or dis-eases any more than can a gynecologist effectively treat a sore throat, liver cancer or brain tumors.

Source: OM Times Magazine (http://s.tt/15CF8)


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